Lily Vietnamese Submarines

Lily Vietnamese Submarine is a small takeout on Bowness Road. They also serve noodles, rice and bubble tea. But I came here for the subs. It’s very easy to miss if you didn’t know what you were looking for. I ordered a chicken satay to go back to work with. It was a good size … Continue reading

Pho Sac Trang

We were looking for a warm noodle soup after a chilly day on the rock.  Pho Sac Trang looked inviting. I chose the spicy lemongrass pho. The flavour was intensely spicy. It was pretty good except there were only a few bits of chicken and the heat from the chilies seemed to overwhelm the lemongrass. … Continue reading

Saigon Night

I happened to be in the NE on Friday and was looking for a quick, light lunch. I decided on Saigon Night. The food was fresh and definitely quick. The service was very good and friendly.  My wonton soup could have used more flavor, but was perfect for the day. As my stomach was a … Continue reading

Avocado Shake

I had a craving for a Vietnamese style avocado shake, and three avocados to use up. I think the traditional version uses condensed milk. I decided to swap it out with almond milk. It’s vegan and dairy free. I love the taste of coconut. If coconut milk is used, you might want to change or … Continue reading

Thai Green Curry and Salad Rolls

I was out at a hostel this weekend on a ski trip. I offered to cook the group dinner.  After a long day out ski touring, there’s nothing better then some comfort food. Of the Asian variety.  I premade Vietnamese style salad rolls and Thai green chicken curry.  This is the best recipe I’ve found … Continue reading