Nourish Bistro

Continuing my search for unique food in Banff, I stumbled upon Nourish, which serves vegetarian food. I ordered the nourishment bowl, which was packed with textures and flavours. It was surprisingly substantial. I tried their vegan cheesecake for dessert. It was pretty good, made with coconut milk. A warning though, the dessert is a bit … Continue reading

Fresh on Spadina

Living in Calgary (Cowtown), I haven’t really learned to appreciate really good vegetarian food in restaurants, other than in Indian restaurants. Until I tried Fresh, on a recommendation from a friend. I had the Energy bowl, which had a coconut curry sauce with vegetables on top of soba noodles. It also came with marinated tofu, … Continue reading

CSA Delivery #2

This week we have: rainbow chard, lettuce, Chinese cabbage,  flowers, kohlrabi, radish sprouts, radishes and garlic scapes. Going to be making a lot of stir fried veg and salads. le

Vegetable Manchurian

I’ve never had Indo Chinese food until I went to a South Indian restaurant last week. It is fascinating to me; Indian food using Chinese cooking techniques.  Much of this kind of cuisine is deep fried, with gravy, like this recipe.  It tastes like Chinese food, but with undertones of Indian spices and heat.  Manchurian … Continue reading

Pita and Falafel

I’m in the mood for something healthy and vegetarian. After a visit to Calgary Shawarma, I wondered if I could make a decent falafel wrap at home. Kudos to the authors for the pita and falafel recipes. I was generous with the parsley so I ended up with green falafel! Dried and reconstituted chickpeas give … Continue reading

Green Bean Heaven

Sometimes you buy a large bag, of say green beans because they were on sale? What to do? Green Bean and Grape Tomato Salad Recipe courtesy of The Vegan Chronicle. Orange Sweet and Sour Stir Fry 1 lb green beans, trimmed and cut in half 1 large orange, cut into supremes 1 small onion 1 … Continue reading

Arugula and Cilantro Pesto

I was hoping for some fennel in my CSA delivery this week, but it was not to be. I really like fennel frond pesto. I’ve just about decimated my basil plant so I decided to make pesto with something else. I did get some arugula to go along with the bunch of cilantro that I … Continue reading

Fig Pizza

I had some chard to use up. Also some figs that I had frozen and were saving for pizza. Perfect. I trolled the web for pizza, figs and chard. A little stinky cheese, and we are all set. Balsamic chard, fig and gorgonzola pizza Balsamic Chard: 1 large bunch chard 1 tbs     olive oil … Continue reading

Green Leaf Salad Bar

I was on a search for something healthy to tide me over between lunch and dinner. Voila, I found the Green Leaf Salad Bar. This little place serves a variety of Mediterranean food. The salad bar looked fresh and tasty. I helped myself to a good sized portion of mixed greens, peas, chickpeas, pineapple, strawberries, … Continue reading


Teatro is one of those places that have been on the periphery of my radar. One of those places, at some point, that I would get around to visiting. I finally did, lured by a vendor luncheon. I was feeling less then well at the time, so I opted for something that I hoped to … Continue reading