Spirit of Calgary – Part 2

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Well Calgary, you have impressed me again. I’ve just finished the two days of the best volunteer experiences in my lifetime. This morning, my new friend Penny picked me up and we headed back to Bowness. We got our assignment at the Sportsplex and headed to the address. The…

Calgary Floods

Originally posted on Eat Your Broccoli!:
Calgary Floods I normally only talk about food and restaurants. But today, a perspective on the Alberta floods. Last night, when the evacuations around the Elbow River started, life still seemed to be normal downtown. I took the Ctrain downtown to my yoga class. I was amazed at how…

Fresh Local Wild

I’m really eager to sample Vancouver’s food truck culture.  Having seen Fresh Local Wild on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, I decided to try it.  They have a variety of seafood menu items. The seafood poutine looked interesting as well as the chicken fried oysters.  Looking for something with a generous vegetable content, so I choose … Continue reading

Avocado Shake

I had a craving for a Vietnamese style avocado shake, and three avocados to use up. I think the traditional version uses condensed milk. I decided to swap it out with almond milk. It’s vegan and dairy free. I love the taste of coconut. If coconut milk is used, you might want to change or … Continue reading

Mise en place

Meez-enh-plaiz. I must be a foodie because I am using fancy french words.  Reminds me of that guy on Boston Pizza.  I was preparing my food for work tomorrow and thought this looked kind of pretty. Organic frozen blueberries and organic strawberries to go with organic steel cut oats for  breakfast. Organic celery, organic carrots, … Continue reading


Do your eggs look like this? If they don’t maybe you should give some thought to what you are buying.  These buggers are hard to find.  I usually find them at Safeway, but some weeks, there will be none at all.  The yolks are orange, unlike the pale yellow of your average egg. The hens … Continue reading

Leftover veg

What to do with leftover veg? I had some brussels sprouts, eggplant and green beans lying around. Hardly a combination for a stir fry. So I cut them up, drizzled on some balsamic vinegar and olive oil, added salt, pepper and some seasoning spices. Threw it on the grill. The result was delicious.

Where’s the beef?

Obviously not on supermarket shelves.  Everyone has an opinion on this, and for what it’s worth, here is mine. There has a been major recalls from beef produced from the XL Foods plant here in Alberta.  Well, it hasn’t affected me.  That’s because for at least a few years now, I have chosen to only … Continue reading