Broiled Oysters

After visiting Big Fish today, I decided to continue with the seafood theme. I went to Billingsgate to pick up eight Village Bay oysters and a fillet of Artic Char. I simply pan fried the fish with lemon pepper Mrs. Dash, salt and pepper. Broiled Oysters 8              oysters in the shell 1               green onion, finely … Continue reading

Big Fish Dockside Revisited

This is a restaurant that I come back to repeatedly. I don’t know how often I’ve been back, but for a while last year my friends tried to come every three months. In seafood starved Calgary, this satisfies my craving. We’re not talking sushi. The warm oysters, were just that; warm on the outside, but … Continue reading

Feastro The Rolling Bistro

Looking for a quick, small lunch before going to the spa, I walked by Feastro. The menu was mostly seafood so that caught my attention. I settled on the dungeness crab and shrimp cake with smoked cocktail sauce and celeriac sweet bell pepper salad. There was generous amounts of seafood in the deep fried croquettes.  … Continue reading

Blue Water Cafe and Raw Bar

I was looking for a good seafood restaurant for our only dinner in Vancouver.  It was a choice between Rodney’s Oyster House or Blue Water Cafe and Raw Bar. The place is popular; I’m glad that I made a reservation. One side of the room had a sushi bar, and the other side, an open … Continue reading

Ragin Cajun

My first meal in Texas; we decided on Cajun. I’ve never had real Cajun food before. Admittedly, this is a chain, but that’s ok. I’m not a discriminating foodie. I’ve always wondered what crawfish tasted like. They taste less of shrimp and slightly like lobster. There’s a lot of shell so great if you like … Continue reading


One area of town that I should explore more is International Avenue. There is a diverse range of food culture represented there, one of which is Portuguese. I’ve had Portuguese food once before; when I had a salt cod casserole. It was delicious. Mimo is a family run place, for over 29 years. Mom is … Continue reading

Yaletown Brewing

Yaletown Brewing is a large, family friendly pub. They seem to be very accommodating with the ramps for strollers and the amount of room around the tables. With four adults and two kids in tow, they were up to the challenge. We were seated on the patio under the warmth of the heater. The umbrellas … Continue reading

BBQ Salmon and Veggie Stir Fry

I’m in the mood for veggies and protein this week.  The salmon, I improvised with onion jam, apricot red pepper jelly and some orange marmalade.  The sweetness of the glaze compliments the salmon nicely. Instead of the oven, I had hubby throw it on the grill for 25 minutes. The stir fry is centered around … Continue reading

Sushi Village

As I would expect, there should be some great seafood in Whistler.  The presentation was definitely up to par. The hamachi salad was fantastic. However, I made the mistake of ordering two very similar items, the deep fried tuna karaage and the tuna kfc roll.  I think I prefer my tuna lightly seared, or raw. … Continue reading

Oysters and Pickerel

Dinner from the Billingsgate Seafood Market.  Pan fried pickerel (Manitoba Walleye?) with a Cobs bread country grain roll.  The seafood market and bakery are almost next door to each other. Perfect. I had the pickerel for the first time earlier this week at Big Fish.  It must be in season as they have it at … Continue reading