Chef’s Studio Japan

We were in Canmore a few weeks ago, and visited Chef’s Studio Japan. We tried to get in on Friday night but they were full. So we made a reservation for the next night. We started off with the tempura fried cheese. It was quite an interesting combination that worked. It was served with a … Continue reading

The Grizzly Paw

Ahhh… The Paw. An old standby in Canmore. It can always be counted on for great food and the best handcrafted sodas in  the area. I love their Granny Bee roughage salad. Their burgers are huge, fresh and juicy. My favorite soda is the ginger beer, but I like all the rest too. I had … Continue reading

Rocky Mountain Bagel

I picked up a bagelwich to go for lunch today. The tuna bagelwich was fresh tasting and filling, even after sitting in my pack for a few hours. It was only one of the few selections without cream cheese. Which is ok, as I can always ask for without. I stopped by again in the … Continue reading

Thai Pagoda

We stopped by Thai Pagoda for dinner after an afternoon climbing at Elevation Place. We were quite hungry, so we ordered accordingly. We sampled quite a few of the dishes. I had a bowl of Tom Kha Gai, which is coconut soup with chicken.  It was very flavorful.  The papaya salad was crisp and spicy. … Continue reading