Crown Grocery and Pizza

Ok, so I have to admit. I’ve been slacking on my blogging. A lot. I order from Skip The Dishes once a week, but I never blog. This busy Mom has no time. Except when the pizza is exceptional. Like the butter chicken pizza at Crown Grocery and Pizza. I must have biked past this … Continue reading

Tandoori Chicken Pizza

I’ve always wanted to try making pizza on the grill. I just needed an excuse to do it.  Today is the day, a beautiful bluebird 27C day and a preference not to turn on the oven. I defrosted the leftovers from my last pizza party – one piece of dough, caramelized onions and tandoori chicken. … Continue reading

Avatara Pizza

Looking for some pizza to go with our boardgames, we decided to try Avatara. Their selections are quite unique. Pick your choice of pizza and optionally add meat. Their crust is also gluten free.  I found the flavors quite satisfying. The crust was good, for a gluten free crust. They also have dairy/lactose free/vegan/vegetarian options. … Continue reading

Fig Pizza

I had some chard to use up. Also some figs that I had frozen and were saving for pizza. Perfect. I trolled the web for pizza, figs and chard. A little stinky cheese, and we are all set. Balsamic chard, fig and gorgonzola pizza Balsamic Chard: 1 large bunch chard 1 tbs     olive oil … Continue reading

Double Zero Pizza

Friday night, the place was very busy and loud. The last time I was in this spot, it was the Elephant and Castle pub. Wow, that was a long time ago. We were happy to get a reservation half hour after we called; other places we tried, we were not so lucky. We settled in … Continue reading

Pizza Buns and Peanut Butter Cream Pie

I’m going on a ski trip tomorrow, so I was thinking about going to the Chinese bakery to pick up some bao. Scratch that. Let’s have a Chinese Italian fusion bao. Pizza buns.  Gigantic ones. Well, I had some problems with portioning the dough so one came out a little small. Great for sampling. Oh … Continue reading

Pizza crust experiment

Last night I decided to make pizza for my NYE party.  I made two batches, enough for six pies. I usually let the dough proof in the oven set to 110F with a small bowl of water.  This time, I tried something different. Batch #1 I put with a warm dish of water, wrapped securely … Continue reading

Pizza Pide

Sometimes the best food can be found in a dive.  Pizza Pide (Peh-day) is a nondescript eatery on the corner of Gerrard and Pape. You could easily walk by it if not for the hordes that wait on the sidewalk for the streetcar.  If you never had Turkish pizza, you should give it a try. … Continue reading