A Visit to the Hospital

As a foodie,  I blog about everything food related. Including the good and not so good.  I had a hospital stay for about a week back in January due to my new arrivals. Here is a recollection of what I ate. The food was Ok. My first meal was lunch which was basically my first … Continue reading

Spirit of Calgary – Neighbor Day

One year after the day the floods struck Calgary, June 21 has been declared Neighbour Day by Mayor Nenshi.  It is a day to celebrate and get to know your neighbours. For those flood stricken neighborhoods, a day to thank the volunteers properly. I chose to go to the Bowness Boots and Hearts celebration because … Continue reading

Salt, Sugar, and Fat. What’s Up With That?

Let me put forth a disclaimer. I am not a nutritionist, a dietician, or a health professional. But I love food and I have a lot of experience cooking and eating. I’d like to talk about what I think is wrong with the way we eat today. For example, it just came out in the … Continue reading

Christmas Dinner 2013

Every year, I venture over to Ottawa to celebrate Christmas with family. This year, no different, well except there were around 27 people this year. A record. We had the luxury of being able to use kitchens of houses right next door to each other. There were two 17 lb turkeys. (to ensure leftovers). Five … Continue reading

Kitchen Humor

My brother and sister-in-law wrote up this lovely menu. They have a son, Henry, who is a toddler. I need to get a chalkboard for my kitchen.

Canning Weekend

I just finished up my second annual canning weekend. Three of us were busy in the kitchen. We bought tons of tomatoes, onions,apples and peaches. We made a 3 in 1 recipe that makes BBQ relish, sweet and sour sauce and chutney. We then tackled a salsa recipe. Our biggest limitation was the lack of … Continue reading

A Trip to the Chinese Grocery Store

I went to Lambda Supermarket today and found some unusual items that I have been looking a while for. I always thought this store had less selection than T&T and Topps, but today I was pleasantly surprised. I’m slowly putting together a plan for making ramen noodles. Food grade potassium carbonate, lye water or kansui … Continue reading

Calgary Dragon Boat Festival 2013

Today we have another diversion from my usual business of food.  I spent my weekend at the Calgary Dragon Boat Festival, which has been an annual event for me for as long as I can remember. This blog entry is for the benefit of my friends and family who are not on Facebook or Google … Continue reading

Spirit of Calgary – High River

Today I decided to go to High River. I headed out with a group of volunteers coordinated by JH Innovations. The company did our renovations a couple of years ago and they are a class act. The Sunshine neighborhood is a victim of some serious traffic congestion. Between all the commercial vehicles in to help … Continue reading