Soban Korean

I had an evening engagement downtown at the Central Library, so my friends and I decided to try Soban Korean in the Dragon City Mall. Regarding the underground parking, I have a public service announcement. The rate is $9.45 before 5pm and $4 after 6pm until 6am next day. If you arrive at 5:30, you … Continue reading

Korean In My Kitchen

I was going through my list of things that I would get around to trying. Kimchi and Korean seafood pancake were on it. Last weekend, I made kimchi salad according to this recipe. It was quite tasty. This week, the leftovers became kimchi fried rice. Kimchi Fried Rice 2 cups             leftover kimchi, chopped 3 large            … Continue reading

WOW Chicken

A new KFC restaurant has opened in Kensington. I love Korean fried chicken. I tried Olive Chicken, now for their competition. The decor of the restaurant was trendy and modern. With a counter for ordering takeout. One of our party suggested that this was a chain. I wasn’t so sure, but it did seem like … Continue reading

Asian Food Restaurant

We were hungry for some sushi and we stumbled upon this little place. The name is rather generic, but they serve Japanese and Korean food. We ordered a nice variety of sushi and tempura. The veggie tempura was really light and fresh tasting.  The green beans were still crunchy with a vibrant green color. We … Continue reading

Gueng Korean Restaurant

Looking for dinner close to our motel, we decided on a Korean restaurant down the street. The place was fairly empty on a Sunday night. One of our party is Korean, so he helped with the ordering. We had bulgogi, spicy pork, seafood pancake, kimchi stew and spicy rice cake. I thought most of the … Continue reading

Olive Chicken

Mmm… Korean fried chicken. The last time I had something similar, it was from Fritou’s in Skyview Ranch. Their chicken was pretty good. On my way home from yoga, I decided to pick up a little dinner. Olive Chicken is a small place in the Korean strip mall on 10th Ave. I’m guessing they are … Continue reading

Cooking Storm

We had quite the snowstorm today. Stayed in until it was over. Cooked up a storm as well. This weekend, I made: sayur lemak, bok choy and pineapple salad, spicy Korean pork and meyer lemon curd tart. Sayur lemak is a Malaysian dish. Specifically, it is vegetables cooked in coconut gravy. I fell in love … Continue reading


I’m pretty sure this restaurant is flying under the radar.  High expectations because of it’s pedigree, but not a whole lot of buzz. The reviews I read were mixed. I can definitely say that the food was fantastic. There were three of us and we ordered for sharing. The server was helpful in suggesting dishes … Continue reading

Anju Restaurant & Eecha Lounge

Anju serves Korean tapas meant to go along with drinks.  Similar concept to an Izakaya in Japanese cuisine. Korean fusion with a nice dash of urban vibe.  The charming house that is home to this restaurant has changed hands over the years. When I last lived downtown, it was a coffee and tea house called … Continue reading