Avatara Pizza

Looking for some pizza to go with our boardgames, we decided to try Avatara. Their selections are quite unique. Pick your choice of pizza and optionally add meat. Their crust is also gluten free.  I found the flavors quite satisfying. The crust was good, for a gluten free crust. They also have dairy/lactose free/vegan/vegetarian options. … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Pulled Pork

I love slow cookers. They give you time when you don’t have time. I got inspired to make this dish by someone microwaving their lunch at work. It smelled like peanut butter. I love peanut butter. I found this recipe via A Year of Slow Cooking blog. The recipe can be gluten free, if GF … Continue reading

Arugula and Cilantro Pesto

I was hoping for some fennel in my CSA delivery this week, but it was not to be. I really like fennel frond pesto. I’ve just about decimated my basil plant so I decided to make pesto with something else. I did get some arugula to go along with the bunch of cilantro that I … Continue reading

Cassava Cake

Today’s foray to Indonesian Kitchen reminded me of the great taste of cassava. Cassava is a starchy vegetable that is used as food in a lot of Asian and African countries. It’s used a lot in subsistence farming.  There is one ironic thing about this tuber. It is toxic to humans because it contains cyanide. … Continue reading

Black bean and brown rice casserole

I wanted to use some leftover veggies and cheese, so I decided to try this recipe. I made a few changes; I substituted the zucchini and mushrooms with corn, peas and tomato. Also used vegetable broth instead of chicken. It is a bit light on the seasoning. Next time I will add more salt. This … Continue reading

Avocado Shake

I had a craving for a Vietnamese style avocado shake, and three avocados to use up. I think the traditional version uses condensed milk. I decided to swap it out with almond milk. It’s vegan and dairy free. I love the taste of coconut. If coconut milk is used, you might want to change or … Continue reading

4th Spot Kitchen and Bar

I finally got around to trying this place. We waited at the entrance for a server, but they must have been busy. So we seated ourselves. It was around 2pm in the afternoon, it didn’t look that busy. Our server came around a few minutes later. I decided to order the gluten free renegade ranchero … Continue reading

Mise en place

Meez-enh-plaiz. I must be a foodie because I am using fancy french words.  Reminds me of that guy on Boston Pizza.  I was preparing my food for work tomorrow and thought this looked kind of pretty. Organic frozen blueberries and organic strawberries to go with organic steel cut oats for  breakfast. Organic celery, organic carrots, … Continue reading

Leftover veg

What to do with leftover veg? I had some brussels sprouts, eggplant and green beans lying around. Hardly a combination for a stir fry. So I cut them up, drizzled on some balsamic vinegar and olive oil, added salt, pepper and some seasoning spices. Threw it on the grill. The result was delicious.

Baked Kale Chips

I’ve acquired a taste for kale over the past year.  I bought a bag of baked kale chips from Spud last week. It was good, but seemed heavy on the seasoning and calories. I wondered if I could make a lighter version. So here it is. Baked Kale Chips 1 bunch kale 2 tsp olive … Continue reading