Saffron Mantra

I’ve been ordering a lot of delivery of late; the latest foray was to Saffron Mantra last month. The concept sounded intriguing; a fusion of Indian and French cuisine. We started with the tandoori chicken tikka. It had layers of complex flavours which blended together well. The taste was sweet, smokey and spicy. For my … Continue reading

Bistro Rouge

I’ll have to apologize, I’m a little behind with my blog posts. We visited Bistro Rouge on May 24. Having been to Rouge, and having high expectations for the food, I expected as much from Bistro Rouge. The food did not disappoint. However, much remains to be said about the service. Hubby and I were … Continue reading

Vero Bistro Moderne

We decided to go to Vero after seeing the lineup out the door at Lido Cafe last weekend. It’s been on my wishlist for some time; and I’m glad that I’ve finally gotten around to visiting. By mistake, we were given the dinner menus to order from. Our server sort of did a double take … Continue reading

French Bread

I was looking for something to go with my chili, so I thought some good quality bread would be nice. I bought a baguette pan a while ago, so now is the time to use it. Disclosure: I don’t have a bread maker and see no need to buy one. I like my 800 watt … Continue reading

Laurier Lounge

This little place has been on my wishlist for some time. Over the years, on Urbanspoon, the reviews haven’t been consistent and I’ve experienced why. The restaurant is located in an old character house in the midst of towering condo developments. I like the plaster walls and eccentric decor. I think it would be suitable … Continue reading

Brasserie Kensington

After a short, flood diverted hiatus, I am back to the business of food. Hubby and and went out to dinner a couple of weeks ago. This would be our second time at Brasserie Kensington, and I enjoyed it as much as the first. We shared the moules frites flavoured with a green curry sauce. … Continue reading

French onion soup

I got bored of the usual, so I decided to make french onion soup. In a slow cooker. Because I am lazy. It still took 30 minutes to brown the onions! Well more because food in a slow cooker has better flavor. Anyways… Excuse the Chinese soup bowl but I should get some proper French … Continue reading