Modern Steak

I was looking for a restaurant for date night on a Sunday. My first choice wasn’t Modern Steak, but I was enticed by a 1,000 point reservation on Opentable. I suspect that this was the former location of The Muse, as I remember the multiple levels and uniquely shaped downstairs dining area. We were seated … Continue reading

Madras Cafe

I haven’t had a dosa in a long time. So when a friend of mine mentioned that Madras Cafe was having a dosa festival, I just had to go.  They had a special menu that featured 100 dosa and dosa variants. We started off with the podli idli. Idli is a savoury rice and fermented … Continue reading

Hardboiled Eggs

I made deviled eggs yesterday and finally figured out how to hard boil them and make them easy to peel at the same time. The eggs also do not have a grey ring around the yolk, which is caused by overcooking. It takes about half an hour, but the results are worth it! This is … Continue reading