A La Saj and Skip The Dishes

This is the first Syrian restaurant that I’ve seen in Calgary. I love trying new things so this was right down my alley.  I love falafel and I think it’s a fair standard to judge a restaurant by. The falafal was packed with veggies; rich and flavorful. I really like pickled turnips. I tried their … Continue reading

Portuguese Egg Tarts

By request, here is the recipe for Portuguese Egg Tarts. I modified the original recipe slightly, by adding the vanilla bean. These egg tarts are actually Portuguese; that could explain why they are hard to find in Chinese bakeries. I found them when I was in Toronto – in a Portuguese bakery.  If I can’t … Continue reading

Singapore Style Noodles

I had the hankering to make these recently. I’m not sure why. Maybe the ramen craze is driving me to make noodles. Oh well, when I used to make this more often, it was a reliable, comfort food standby. Also good for potlucks. (sing chou chow mei) 1 pkg (454g) rice vermicelli 1 ½ C … Continue reading

Vero Bistro Moderne

We decided to go to Vero after seeing the lineup out the door at Lido Cafe last weekend. It’s been on my wishlist for some time; and I’m glad that I’ve finally gotten around to visiting. By mistake, we were given the dinner menus to order from. Our server sort of did a double take … Continue reading

Avatara Pizza

Looking for some pizza to go with our boardgames, we decided to try Avatara. Their selections are quite unique. Pick your choice of pizza and optionally add meat. Their crust is also gluten free.  I found the flavors quite satisfying. The crust was good, for a gluten free crust. They also have dairy/lactose free/vegan/vegetarian options. … Continue reading