Juniper Kitchen and Wine Bar

My in-laws took me out for a little post Christmas dinner. We wanted to go to Supply and Demand, but they were booked for a private party. So we decided to visit Juniper, an old standby. The food was very good and richly satisfying. Even after Christmas dinner. The service was attentive and friendly.

Christmas Dinner 2013

Every year, I venture over to Ottawa to celebrate Christmas with family. This year, no different, well except there were around 27 people this year. A record. We had the luxury of being able to use kitchens of houses right next door to each other. There were two 17 lb turkeys. (to ensure leftovers). Five … Continue reading

The Rock Cafe and Restaurant

When I first heard about this restaurant, I thought they served Newfie food. My mistake, I apologize. This is French Asian fusion cuisine.  The Chef and owner is very friendly; he likes to chat with his customers when he is not busy. The restaurant was empty when we arrived for 6pm.  Our meals arrived piping … Continue reading

Tacos de Pescado

Memories of Baja. Specifically fish tacos. I had a hankering for some this week and crawled the web for something suitable. I bought  some tilapia and pan fried it with salt and pepper. I also bought some haddock and baked it in cornmeal. To serve, I heated corn or flour tortillas with the fish on … Continue reading

Holiday Cookie Exchange

I used to call it a Christmas Cookie Exchange, but since people starting bringing all sorts of cookies, it’s an excuse for those of us that like to bake to get together during the holidays.  I think in terms of numbers, this was the most cookies I’ve had at an exchange. We had everything from … Continue reading

Broiled Oysters

After visiting Big Fish today, I decided to continue with the seafood theme. I went to Billingsgate to pick up eight Village Bay oysters and a fillet of Artic Char. I simply pan fried the fish with lemon pepper Mrs. Dash, salt and pepper. Broiled Oysters 8              oysters in the shell 1               green onion, finely … Continue reading

Korean In My Kitchen

I was going through my list of things that I would get around to trying. Kimchi and Korean seafood pancake were on it. Last weekend, I made kimchi salad according to this recipe. It was quite tasty. This week, the leftovers became kimchi fried rice. Kimchi Fried Rice 2 cups             leftover kimchi, chopped 3 large            … Continue reading