Big Fish Dockside Revisited

This is a restaurant that I come back to repeatedly. I don’t know how often I’ve been back, but for a while last year my friends tried to come every three months. In seafood starved Calgary, this satisfies my craving. We’re not talking sushi. The warm oysters, were just that; warm on the outside, but … Continue reading

Dairy Lane Cafe

Ahhh.. Dairy Lane. I’ve been going there for years, since its in the ‘hood. On this particularly chilly night, we decided to make the short drive. All three of us were in the mood for the classic Dairy Lane Burger, with different toppings and sides. I had mine straight up, with the yam fries. My … Continue reading

Banana Leaf Tropical Cuisine

I had already judged this restaurant before I ever ate a meal here. I am going to be honest in my review. Last time our reservation was cancelled but we arrived on time. I decided that I would give this place a second chance. When we arrived, there were two tables, a reserved for two … Continue reading

French Bread

I was looking for something to go with my chili, so I thought some good quality bread would be nice. I bought a baguette pan a while ago, so now is the time to use it. Disclosure: I don’t have a bread maker and see no need to buy one. I like my 800 watt … Continue reading

Slow Cooker Chili

It’s a cold,  snowy day today. Perfect time for some comfort food, and of course, using my new toy, an All-Clad 7 quart deluxe slow cooker. I like using dried beans and soaking them overnight. I find that they have a much firmer texture in the finished product. It gives the chili some “bite”. Vary … Continue reading

Li-Ao Sushi

I was in the deep south today, running an errand and then looking for some lunch. After vetoing hubby’s vote for Five Guys Burgers, I was happy to discover that Li-Ao Sushi was nearby. They are located in a strip mall, well off the main drag. I ordered the seafood udon, mainly because I was … Continue reading

Matcha Thumbprint Cookies with Red Bean Paste

I’m looking for something a little different for my Christmas cookie exchange this year. These cookies are the colours of the season, red and green. The original recipe ended up too dry, so I added egg white and water. I took out some of the sugar as the matcha was sweetened. It seemed affordable at … Continue reading

Kitchen Humor

My brother and sister-in-law wrote up this lovely menu. They have a son, Henry, who is a toddler. I need to get a chalkboard for my kitchen.

WOW Chicken

A new KFC restaurant has opened in Kensington. I love Korean fried chicken. I tried Olive Chicken, now for their competition. The decor of the restaurant was trendy and modern. With a counter for ordering takeout. One of our party suggested that this was a chain. I wasn’t so sure, but it did seem like … Continue reading

CEREZO Cafe and Bar Revisited

When a friend setup a night out at Cerezo with a Chef’s tasting menu, I could not resist. I know I was only there a couple of months ago, but a change in season brings a new menu. Our party of nine took up half the restaurant, and we were awarded a private event sign … Continue reading