CSA Delivery #11

This week, we have: mixed greens, basil, onion, coloured carrots, parsnips, zucchini, tomato, garlic, sunflower and basil

Green Onion Pancakes

In my CSA delivery this week, I was the proud recipient of a bunch of super sized green onions. These are not your grocery store variety; these are mutant weeds. What to do, what to do… This is the first batch of green onion pancakes. I still have half the bundle left. I think I … Continue reading

Sheraton Wall Centre Event Catering

I went to a gala dinner at the Sheraton Wall Centre last night. I was not optimistic about the food, given the less than stellar reviews on Urbanspoon about room service and Cafe One restaurant. The event started off with cocktails, where servers walked around with hot canapes. These were really good. I sampled a … Continue reading

Cafe Crepe

I find it difficult to find good breakfast places that open earlier than 9am within a short distance of my hotel. I mean sit down breakfast, not grab and go. So I went to Cafe Crepe, which had been a goto on many occasions. I find that they serve reliable food and that the service … Continue reading

Feastro The Rolling Bistro

Looking for a quick, small lunch before going to the spa, I walked by Feastro. The menu was mostly seafood so that caught my attention. I settled on the dungeness crab and shrimp cake with smoked cocktail sauce and celeriac sweet bell pepper salad. There was generous amounts of seafood in the deep fried croquettes.  … Continue reading

Blue Water Cafe and Raw Bar

I was looking for a good seafood restaurant for our only dinner in Vancouver.  It was a choice between Rodney’s Oyster House or Blue Water Cafe and Raw Bar. The place is popular; I’m glad that I made a reservation. One side of the room had a sushi bar, and the other side, an open … Continue reading

Fresh Local Wild

I’m really eager to sample Vancouver’s food truck culture.  Having seen Fresh Local Wild on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, I decided to try it.  They have a variety of seafood menu items. The seafood poutine looked interesting as well as the chicken fried oysters.  Looking for something with a generous vegetable content, so I choose … Continue reading

Joe’s Grill

I met up with some of my extended family while I’m in town. We were looking for a breakfast place close to the hotel when we stumbled upon Joe’s Grill. They were serving heartly breakfasts that won’t leave you hungry. All at a reasonable price.  I had the breakfast wrap.  Sausage,  peppers,  eggs and beans … Continue reading

CSA Delivery #10

This week, we have: red cabbage, carrots,  green onion, potatoes, beets, dill weed, garlic, peppers, swiss chard and sunflower.

Lemon Meringue Pie Has Run Away

I’ve been making lemon meringue pie for as long as I can remember. But it usually doesn’t turn out runny. Except for today. It can go into the books with my less successful cooking experiments such as the blueberry clafoutis and coconut cream pie. I bought a bag of organic lemons last week. There six … Continue reading