Saigon Night

I happened to be in the NE on Friday and was looking for a quick, light lunch. I decided on Saigon Night. The food was fresh and definitely quick. The service was very good and friendly.  My wonton soup could have used more flavor, but was perfect for the day. As my stomach was a … Continue reading

CSA Delivery #8

This week, we have: green onion, cabbage, lettuce mix, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, Shanghai bok choy, kale and garlic. Deliveries are getting bigger.

Juree’s Thai Place

Hungry after a day in the mountains, we decided on quick, tasty and close. Juree’s fit the bill. I’ve been here several times before and have always enjoyed the food. All their curries have rich flavors with liberal use of coconut milk. The larb kai had some very spicy and herby notes.  I really liked … Continue reading

A Trip to the Chinese Grocery Store

I went to Lambda Supermarket today and found some unusual items that I have been looking a while for. I always thought this store had less selection than T&T and Topps, but today I was pleasantly surprised. I’m slowly putting together a plan for making ramen noodles. Food grade potassium carbonate, lye water or kansui … Continue reading

Arugula and Cilantro Pesto

I was hoping for some fennel in my CSA delivery this week, but it was not to be. I really like fennel frond pesto. I’ve just about decimated my basil plant so I decided to make pesto with something else. I did get some arugula to go along with the bunch of cilantro that I … Continue reading

CSA Delivery #7

Today we have: flowers, lettuce, arugula, peas, Spanish onion, parsley, red and yellow potatoes, garlic and carrots

South Silk Road

When it comes to Chinese food, I have my list of usual suspects: Cantonese, Hong Kong style cafe and occasionally Westernized. I’ve tried a bit of Szechuan and it’s a little too spicy.  It was interesting to find something different in Yunnan food.  Yunnan cuisine takes strong influence from  Szechuan and a host of other … Continue reading

CSA Delivery #6

I missed last week’s delivery, so here is what we have this week. Green onion, kohlrabi, strange looking cucumber, snap peas, garlic, radishes, dino kale, lettuce and dill.  

Calgary Dragon Boat Festival 2013

Today we have another diversion from my usual business of food.  I spent my weekend at the Calgary Dragon Boat Festival, which has been an annual event for me for as long as I can remember. This blog entry is for the benefit of my friends and family who are not on Facebook or Google … Continue reading

Laurier Lounge

This little place has been on my wishlist for some time. Over the years, on Urbanspoon, the reviews haven’t been consistent and I’ve experienced why. The restaurant is located in an old character house in the midst of towering condo developments. I like the plaster walls and eccentric decor. I think it would be suitable … Continue reading