Spirit of Calgary – Part 3

Yesterday, I headed back to Bowness to help along with a few friends. Bow Crescent, I can’t wait it see it when it’s back to normal. The house I was working at, already had the basement gutted. The guys were hauling stuff out of the garage and cleaning it. The gals were cleaning and disinfecting … Continue reading

Tough Mudder – Flood 2013 Edition

Welcome to Tough Mudder Flood 2013 Edition! Start by parking your car where you can find space in the neighborhood. Sprint to the Community Support Centre to pick up your supplies (gloves, mask) before they run out Run to the address that you’ve been given. It’s probably about a kilometer away. Try to find the … Continue reading

Spirit of Calgary – Part 2

Well Calgary, you have impressed me again. I’ve just finished the two days of the best volunteer experiences in my lifetime. This morning, my new friend Penny picked me up and we headed back to Bowness. We got our assignment at the Sportsplex and headed to the address. The homeowner was not around so we … Continue reading

Spirit of Calgary

I’ll admit I didn’t know what I was getting into when I showed up at McMahon Stadium this morning. One thing, I knew it would be an adventure.  I baked some carrot muffins last night and thawed some GF banana bread from the freezer and took it with me. It took some time to organize; … Continue reading

Calgary Floods

Calgary Floods I normally only talk about food and restaurants. But today, a perspective on the Alberta floods. Last night, when the evacuations around the Elbow River started, life still seemed to be normal downtown. I took the Ctrain downtown to my yoga class. I was amazed at how high the water level was over … Continue reading

Rocky Mountain Bagel

I picked up a bagelwich to go for lunch today. The tuna bagelwich was fresh tasting and filling, even after sitting in my pack for a few hours. It was only one of the few selections without cream cheese. Which is ok, as I can always ask for without. I stopped by again in the … Continue reading

Thai Pagoda

We stopped by Thai Pagoda for dinner after an afternoon climbing at Elevation Place. We were quite hungry, so we ordered accordingly. We sampled quite a few of the dishes. I had a bowl of Tom Kha Gai, which is coconut soup with chicken.  It was very flavorful.  The papaya salad was crisp and spicy. … Continue reading