Waffle & Berries

Looking for breakfast… again. One does need to eat when one is travelling. This is a diamond in the rough. Their signature dish is the Liege waffle. The Liege Breakfast had my name on it. Our server and cook cautioned us on being too large for one person; it is a breakfast for two. I … Continue reading

Yaletown Brewing

Yaletown Brewing is a large, family friendly pub. They seem to be very accommodating with the ramps for strollers and the amount of room around the tables. With four adults and two kids in tow, they were up to the challenge. We were seated on the patio under the warmth of the heater. The umbrellas … Continue reading


Sometimes, when you are constantly eating out, you just want something that is quick and healthy. I was looking for something similar to my normal breakfast. Which is steel cut oats with fruit, yogurt and a couple of fried eggs on the side. Moonpennies was close enough. I ordered the honey granola with fruit and … Continue reading

Green Leaf Salad Bar

I was on a search for something healthy to tide me over between lunch and dinner. Voila, I found the Green Leaf Salad Bar. This little place serves a variety of Mediterranean food. The salad bar looked fresh and tasty. I helped myself to a good sized portion of mixed greens, peas, chickpeas, pineapple, strawberries, … Continue reading

Kaya Malay Bistro

One of the reasons I like Vancouver is the diversity of the food. Specifically, Malaysian food. Kaya Malay Bistro does a wonderful take on street style Malaysian food for their lunch menu. Reminds me of Hawker Bar in Toronto. The daily special drink was a passion fruit soda. Yum! Hubby had the Kari Lamb. The … Continue reading

Tableau Bar Bistro

We slept in today and went hunting for breakfast. I was looking for something on the healthy side. So we decided to go downstairs to the hotel restaurant, Tableau. We arrived there just before they were about to close the buffet. I had steel cut oats, fruit compote with brown sugar, yogurt, fresh fruit, smoked … Continue reading


Teatro is one of those places that have been on the periphery of my radar. One of those places, at some point, that I would get around to visiting. I finally did, lured by a vendor luncheon. I was feeling less then well at the time, so I opted for something that I hoped to … Continue reading

Shigatsu Revisited

I knew there would be another visit. A friend wanted to go for her birthday. She asked for the Chef’s tasting menu, for the four of us. What we got was a selection, chosen by the chef from the regular menu. We started off with the yam tempura, which were not part of the tasting … Continue reading

Jimmy’s A&A Mediterranean Deli

I don’t know why I haven’t found this place earlier.  It’s so good and the portions are huge.  Friday lunch, the three of us arrived at 12:30 We caused the lineup to go out the door. No matter.  They have lunch service down.  Food is served up as quick as they can make it. I … Continue reading

Black bean and brown rice casserole

I wanted to use some leftover veggies and cheese, so I decided to try this recipe. I made a few changes; I substituted the zucchini and mushrooms with corn, peas and tomato. Also used vegetable broth instead of chicken. It is a bit light on the seasoning. Next time I will add more salt. This … Continue reading