Thai Green Curry and Salad Rolls

I was out at a hostel this weekend on a ski trip. I offered to cook the group dinner.  After a long day out ski touring, there’s nothing better then some comfort food. Of the Asian variety.  I premade Vietnamese style salad rolls and Thai green chicken curry.  This is the best recipe I’ve found … Continue reading

BBQ Salmon and Veggie Stir Fry

I’m in the mood for veggies and protein this week.  The salmon, I improvised with onion jam, apricot red pepper jelly and some orange marmalade.  The sweetness of the glaze compliments the salmon nicely. Instead of the oven, I had hubby throw it on the grill for 25 minutes. The stir fry is centered around … Continue reading

Death by Black Forest Trifle

Office potluck lunch. Yeah sometimes I throw it all out the window. This is one of the most processed, unhealthy things I’ve eaten.   Thank goodness I had other people to consume it. Apparently, it’s bowl licking good. Death By Chocolate Trifle 9×9”  baked chocolate cake (devil’s food), cut in small pieces (Duncan Hines needs 3 … Continue reading

Heuvos Rancheros

Thought I’d send hubby off to work with a nice breakfast this morning. I had learned to make some Mexican food from scratch many moons ago. Found a recipe for hand made tortillas in the back of my recipe binder.  Tastes so much better than store bought ones. Also dug out the homemade salsa we … Continue reading

Oriental Palace

It’s Friday night and there’s no food in the fridge. Still looking for a good Chinese delivery. Decided to try Oriental Palace as the ratings on Urbanspoon were very good. Ordered at 6:30, told the wait was an hour. Reasonable. We were about to call them again after an hour and a half. Then it … Continue reading

Calypso’s Taverna

Ah, Calypso’s.  This would be my second visit after a memorable first one a couple years ago. Some of us were quite hungry as we had spent a few hours in the climbing gym.   We ordered the appetizer platter which advertised for two, but big enough for the four of us. It came with calamari, … Continue reading

French onion soup

I got bored of the usual, so I decided to make french onion soup. In a slow cooker. Because I am lazy. It still took 30 minutes to brown the onions! Well more because food in a slow cooker has better flavor. Anyways… Excuse the Chinese soup bowl but I should get some proper French … Continue reading

Big Catch

With a name like that I would expect big things. Well, it is a small food stand in the Kingsland Farmers Market. But the sushi is big restaurant quality. I had the Nine One One roll, which was crunchy wonton bits and tuna topped with salmon, fire sauce, tobiko, green onion and cayanne pepper. It … Continue reading