Brunch at the Banff Springs Hotel

Ahhh…. Sunday brunch at the Banff Springs Hotel. An institution in Banff. I have partaken a few times over the years, the last being several years ago. The first time was memorable.  It was held upstairs in Rundle Hall, not in the Bow Valley Grill as it is today.  I also remember at least six … Continue reading

Sleeping Buffalo Restaurant and Lounge

We stayed at the Buffalo Mountain Lodge this weekend. That is one of my favorite places to stay in Banff and the Sleeping Buffalo one of my favorite places to eat. We had the breakfast buffet before our ski. I certainly ate nineteen dollars worth of food. There was eggs benny, thick cut french toast, … Continue reading

Coyotes Southwestern Grill

This would be the second time that I’ve visited Coyotes. Their food is really good.  We got into Banff late and I was looking for lighter dinner options. I started with the sweet potato and corn chowder. It reminded me of butternut squash soup. I like the way it was served; with the sauce in … Continue reading

Slow cooker – Root Veggie Stew

I should use my crock pot more often. Ir’s over 10 years old, holds 2.5 quarts, and is perfect for doing a couple of meals.  Having some leftover beets, purple potatoes, carrots and frozen celery on hand, I decided to toss this together.  For the spices, I absentmindedly threw in tumeric, chili powder, paprika, ground … Continue reading

Simple pleasures

My next thing might be making my own salad dressing. I do tire of the store bought variety, many I find too acidic. Raiding the fridge, I threw together, arugula, mixed greens, sliced white mushrooms, grated parmesan, bacon bits, fresh basil, EVO and salt and pepper. I had forgotten how the simplest of dressings brings … Continue reading

Daal Makhani

In my quest for something different, I decided to try making daal makhani. I ordered delivery the other night from Taj Curry and Pizza. Thought it was pretty good and have something to compare my cooking to. I usually cook Bengali daal, it’s a bombproof recipe. I think this one takes more time and finesse, … Continue reading


Fresh. Local. Farm.  Second time here and it was just as good as the first. Service was a tad slow to start, but we dawdled over the menu. We had a lot of questions about the food and our server seemed to know the menu. They have quite the variety in their daily specials. I … Continue reading

Pizza Buns and Peanut Butter Cream Pie

I’m going on a ski trip tomorrow, so I was thinking about going to the Chinese bakery to pick up some bao. Scratch that. Let’s have a Chinese Italian fusion bao. Pizza buns.  Gigantic ones. Well, I had some problems with portioning the dough so one came out a little small. Great for sampling. Oh … Continue reading

Pizza crust experiment

Last night I decided to make pizza for my NYE party.  I made two batches, enough for six pies. I usually let the dough proof in the oven set to 110F with a small bowl of water.  This time, I tried something different. Batch #1 I put with a warm dish of water, wrapped securely … Continue reading