Ox and Angela

Went to Ox and Angela for dinner. Beautiful night, sat on the patio and watched the traffic go by on 17th Ave.  I really like the idea of tapas.  Order a couple of dishes, sip on your drink, chat, eat. Order a second round, do the same. Then a third. We finished our meal with … Continue reading

This week’s CSA delivery

I don’t have much time for cooking these days, but I do have time to post about my latest CSA delivery. Kohlrabi, some nice sized carrots, lettuce, a giant, round zucchini, dill, red and white potatoes and a sunflower. This time, I’m going to stir fry the kohlrabi leaves now that I know they are edible. … Continue reading

This Week’s CSA Delivery

  This week, we have mixed greens, beets, carrots, potatoes, kohlrabi, fresh garlic, chives and a sunflower. Looks like a warm beet salad and stir fried beet greens kind of a week.

CSA Delivery – Catching Up

Was away for part of last week, so didn’t get a chance to post or cook. Threw together some oven roasted veggies cut into wedges. Potato, turnip, beets, kohlrabi, fresh garlic seasoned with fresh cilantro, chipotle seasoning, chili powder, smoked salt, black better and olive oil.  Delish.  More of a fall dish, but made the … Continue reading


Ah, my pizza technique is improving.  Managed to get the dough in some places as thin as a cracker.  Didn’t proof it in the oven, definitely less air bubbles. Have to work on making a circle though.  Topped with naturally raised ground beef, mushrooms, pesticide free yellow pepper, mushroom, pesticide free tomato, red onion, sorrel, … Continue reading

This Week’s CSA Delivery

This week, I got: sorrel, carrots, red potatoes, mixed greens, garlic scapes, cilantro and a sunflower. They were out of bok choy.  Looks like more garlic roast potatoes and salad. Last week I made a nice salad with the beets, horseradish and a whatever veggies I had in the fridge. Here are the lilies from … Continue reading