Gluten free muffins and ice cream

I made a second attempt at gluten free muffins.  Not as successful as the first attempt.Very dense and heavy.  Still trying to find the ideal baking time.  Baked for 33 minutes but could have probably used more time. Also omitted the xanthan gum as I have a friend who can’t eat it.  I’ll add it … Continue reading

Blast from the recent past

I had a craving for a Priazzo one day. Unfortunately, Pizza Hut doesn’t make them anymore. So I Googled it and came up with a reasonable facsimile. Introducing the Epic pizza pie! Used dough and topping for three regular size pizzas. Double crust. Stuffed with spicy Italian sausage, Mennonite ham sausage, red onion, green pepper … Continue reading

Welcome to my world

What, may you ask does coconuts and a beautiful sunset have to do with this blog? It blends a couple of my passions; the appreciation of the great outdoors and nature, and the use of simple ingredients to bring out their flavors. My cooking is a combination of many things. Fresh quality ingredients, strong flavors, … Continue reading